Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3 "Count your blessings, name them one by one."

Today was my first day of Spring Semester. From here on out, it's work my butt off until i graduate. Maybe I'll even throw in some sleeping & eating here & there (if i have time). The Elementary Education Program at BYU is not kidding around that's for sure. I'm not gonna lie, today was absolutely exhausting. I ate breakfast before I headed out the door at 8am & had no chance to grab lunch or a break until I was finished for the day at 6pm. On top of that, I've been sick since Saturday so I had less energy than usual. All day, I kept telling myself "only 51 days until I'm home."

Wow, that was all terribly depressing. I don't like to have pity parties. Even though I was so exhausted at the end of the day when I got home, I kept getting the impression in my mind, "You are the luckiest girl." It's so true too! I really feel like that. Here's why I feel blessed lately:
.My family adores me
.My friends deal with me everyday & are very forgiving
.I have the gospel
.I live in America, and no matter what people say about the hard times that America's going through, we are blessed. In other countries, people have nothing.
.I have the opportunity to go to one of the best schools in the United States, no matter how challenging it may be.
.I go on walks every night with Natalie after dinner that give me a chance to chat, reflect and cool down after a stressful day. It also makes me grateful for wonderful friends and has taught me to slowwww down.
.I get to be a teacher.
.I have more friends than I can count
.Small miracles everyday
My Grandmother, who has been through more than anyone I have ever known always says, "a grateful heart sits at a continual feast." Because of that menatlity, she is also one of the happiest people I know. I never hear her complain about the trials in her life.
Now, i've been told once or twice (by my sister, hah) that I'm not very sympathetic towards others. I'm working on that, but I think maybe, (hopefully), it's because I'm optimistic and don't like to dwell on the bad things. Everyone has problems, everyone has stressful times in their lives, but if you count at least a few blessings every night before bed, you'll realize all of the tender mercies in your life. Ash and I had orphans in Peru thanking us for days for hot wheels that we gave them. These same kids have been abandoned and abused by parents or don't have parents at all. Peru changed my perspective on life. Now the stresses of school, exams and work seem so minor. We're more blessed than we'll ever know.
Sweet Daniela


  1. YOU are awesome! That's a great perspective :)

  2. You ARE awesome, Danielle! "If you don't know why YOU are awesome, then you need awesome lessons."-Nancy Wells

    Hope you feel better soon. You are a survivor because you have Faith. It is a principal of Power.

    I will be really happy to see you accepting that diploma, Danielle. So very proud of you!



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