Monday, April 27, 2009

4 blog to book

I'm not sure if I'm just really behind or what, but I discovered a website for turning your blog into a book. Just go to the blurb website. This is especially good for people that are terrible at writing in their journal but good about blogging (me). I just did it with my own blog & it's soo easy & really inexpensive. I'm also really excited because now I can turn Maegan's blog that I've been doing into a book for her when she gets home from her mission! I'll probably also do a book just for my Peru entries. Oh my, they've created a monster. I love stuff like this and just thought i'd spread the good news!


  1. oh that's awesome! SUCH a good idea. ps I just got an email on a sale for this sewing machine, it's great. i have this one, it's pretty simple but good if you're just starting out, i LOVE it!

  2. It would not take my first commment so I tried it with kisses and hugs and it worked. So here goes again. Making a book from your blog is a superior idea! What a great way to save your memories and your hard work, too.
    I ALWAYS enjoy reading your fun blog, Danielle! Thanks for sharing!

  3. i have heard about this too. i love this idea. but i just never knew how to do it. thanks for sharing :)

    by the way, i would love to teach you or show you how to make the books. it would be so much fun!!!



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