Thursday, April 30, 2009

8 feeling care-bearish

All day Monday, bored at work, I was thinking of a way to brighten up my life. I decided I wanted to make a rainbow cake. So I did. With the help of a few friends.

And VoilĂ ! Finished.

I get a tummy-tum ache just looking at it. Some people might say it's a little "gay," or "drag-queenish," but to me it only brings pleasant thoughts... ...Cusco, Peru's flag is quite similar.


  1. I liked this colorful cake! What a great idea! Hey, don't forget and tell the rest of the cousins that it is Ian's B-Day today,
    May 1st! He has a great picture of him pitching on his profile!

  2. WHOA COOOOOOOL!!! make me this for birthday. k great thanks!

    OOOOOO can we make a red white and blue one while i'm in TN for 4th of JULY???

  3. Very cool! Tell Lorna to bake me one for my birthday. It's December 17th. Didja write that down?

  4. Oh yeah, and congrats on getting the colors in the right naturally occurring order. You did put them in that order on purpose didn't you?

  5. yeah i learned the ROY G. BIV acronym in elementary school. Only our cake turned out to be a ROY BG. oh well. yes we will make a 4th of July cake & you guys need to look at sara mildenhall's blog to see our next creation...

  6. Danielle, this is sooo cute. Great the bright colors! You are clever... Love you!!!



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