Sunday, July 27, 2008

6 welcome home Jenny!

So my cousin just got back from her mission in Washington D.C. Rachel & I went up to her ward to see her speak & were able to see all of our Stolworthy cousins! My dad is the 13th out of 15 kids so I have hundreds of cousins. The biggest chunk of them are older and already married with kids, but there's still quite a group of us that are in college & highschool & a few younger than that. The ones that our my age though have all been on missions! Jenny's the second one home & within the next few months, everyone will be home again! I can't wait until we're all home after Christmas & we can have our "BYU Stolworthy Cousin Sunday Diners" again! Jenny is the greatest girl & I'm so glad she's back at BYU!

the whole gang minus a few missionaries.

Grandma would love to see us like this...

I love Jenny!

I love "bendy" thumbs. Everyone in the family got them
except my siblings & I and we feel jipped!
Stolworthy's have big lips.

So Jake got this plaid quilted shirt from D.I.
for $5 & loved it. I happened to have my plaid
quilted P.J. pants with me.... perfect picture.
our fam is all about the fish lips

me & Roo.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Roommate, companion, friend...
    You are beautiful. I miss you! And I LOVE YOU a lot!!

    and I'm digging the peruvian scarf that was being sported in these pictures. Peru LOVES us. I mean seriously, we're celebs in the city of Cusco. What are Hernan, GROSS Christopher, and July doing without us right now?!

  3. Sorry. I posted twice and I don't know how to delete it . And now I'm getting you even more excited because it says three comments. My apologies. It's just me... again.

  4. hah just kidding... I figured it out. I thought I would post again since I did say you had three comments. I had to make it true.

    looooove you.

  5. It was soo fun seeing you on Sunday!!! I love these pics, especially the big lips ones :P

  6. oh, we have the greatest fam



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