Monday, July 28, 2008

2 SpoonMe is in Provo!

So it might seem kind of strange that I am writting a blog devoted to frozen yogurt, but I absolutely love this stuff! SpoonMe is a growing franchise & has only 4 locations so far, all of them are in Utah. My friends & I used to have to drive out to Salt Lake City to get it (and we drove there a lot...) but now, it's in Provo! You start with your frozen yogurt and then add toppings. They have anything from fruit to Captain Crunch. Yum Yum! If you're coming to Utah anytime soon, make a quick stop!

the walls in SpoonMe.

I'd Spoon that.

"Our product is all-natural, non fat frozen yogurt that allows us to indulge our desire for something sweet, while encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle. We combine the smoothest tart yogurt with the freshest fruits and toppings, and serve it in an environment that nurtures the body and soul. " -SpoonMe

check out their website at:


  1. ahhhhh!!! I am SO happy right now!! You have no idea. I am EVEN MORE EXCITED to come to provo now!



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