Wednesday, July 30, 2008

1 a little crazy. but lots of love.

Everytime I'm away from my family I always realize how much I miss them & how great they are. I've been lucky enough to have Rachel out here with me this last year. I've learned even more about Rachel this last year than ever seeing her off on her own & how she handles life. I just want to let my family know that they're so great & write a little something about each of them. To my fam... LOVE YOU & MISS YOU!
My Dad is the hardest working person I know. He has taught us to not be slackers & not get jobs only half way done. He was the first one to graduate from college in his family & he is the 13th child! Education is very important to him & he's made it possible for all of his kids to get an education in whatever area we choose. He can fix anything & is practically building our house single-handedly. My Dad is very calm & rarely ever yells. My Dad has a lot of drive & has pushed us all to put dedication & heart into whatever we do.
My Mom is a lot of fun to be with! She always makes me laugh. She is very understanding & sensative when we come to her with our problems. I know my mom is on my side whenever I get hurt. My mom is also not afraid to confront us when she doesn't agree with something we've done wrong. My mom looks at things as black & white. She is not a coward, she always stands up for what she believes in & has earned a lot of respect from other people for that. My mom is a great example of setting a goal & accomplishing it. My mom is not lazy, she is always on the go, involved in tons of different activities.
Rachel is very outgoing. One of the things I love about Rachel is how she is so non-judgemental & never gossips. She gets along with everyone, and because of that, she has tons of friends from all walks of life! Rachel does not care about glitz, glamour & appearances. She loves people for who they are. She doesn't ever try to impress people & be fake. She's just who she is. Rachel is a lot of fun to be with. She is always making people laugh & loves to go out and try new (& sometimes dangerous) things. Rachel is very athletic, she is always trying new sports & plays on a soccer team out at BYU. She loves to be active & has a lot of energy. She is also very sensative & looks out for her friends & family. AND, she has really really long hair that i'm jealous of.Sometimes Rachel is a little too adventurous. Like when she did a "gainer" this January at the gymnastic's gymnasium & we thought she was paralized for a little bit... scary.
But she always looks on the brightside of things & made a lot of new friends from walking around campus in a neck brace!
Spencer is great! His sense of humor is very dry, and sometimes a little sarcastic... but he is fun to be around. He is one of the smartest people I know. Our cousin started calling him a "Greek Deity" because he is good at everything he does & knows atleast a little bit about everything. Spencer is my Wikipedia. Spencer does great in school and he is very mature for his age. Spencer has tons of friends & loves to go to parties & socialize. Spencer is the most honest & loyal person that I know. He has a lot of integrity & always does what's right. I have never heard a lie out of Spencer, and even though sometimes the truth hurts (haha) I can always trust him. I know my mom appreciates that! Spencer is also very tall, passing up every one of us in the family, even dad.

Chase is sweet. He is definately the youngest & requires attention, but we all give it to him. Chase always sends me nice emails & voicemails telling me he loves me. He writes notes & puts them on your door. Chase is very good at making friends. He is charming, smart, witty & funny. Girls tell Chase they have crushes on him all of the time. We are a little worried about that. He is currently on a strike to not cut his hair because he wants it to be long. Chase is always willing to help. He helps my Dad at the property a few times a week for hours at a time.

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