Thursday, July 31, 2008

1 i already realize i have a problem.

I have a problem. I'm not very good at branching out with new genres of music. My friends have called my iPod "classic" (lots of sarcasm there), "too disney channel-ish," also saying I don't have a whole lot of varitey. I have already come to terms with these things. You have to understand, I was raised on Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston and I still think they're incredible & could listen to their first cd's nonstop. My iPod consists of country, r&b, and lots of female singers who can totally kick butt. One of my favorite things ever is searching all over iTunes & finding a bunch of new female artists to download.

Everytime I go home, my sister & brother always plug their iPods in the car and it's this punk rock crap. The songs all sound the same & I'm never impressed with the singers & that's what matters to me. BUT i am a girl always willing to branch out & try new things. I have been asking my brother all of the stuff he listens to so I can try to develop a taste for it. Hopefully I can update everyone in a few months & say I had to throw my old iPod because there wasn't enough room for my new hard core rock!

So these are my best friends, on my iPod atleast. Honestly, these girls should have me be in charge of their advertising, I could convince anyone to like them. (I hate to brag, but all of my roommates used to make fun of me to listening to some of this stuff, but guess what? now it's all over their iPods too because of my great sales pitches...) The funny thing is 4 of these artists got found on a television singing talent show (so those really do work).

My newest obsession. Leona Lewis, discovered by Simon Cowell himself. If you don't have this cd you need it, even if you don't like her No. 1 single "Bleeding Love," you will love the rest of the cd. Plus, I've seen her in a few interviews on t.v. and she really seems like she has it together which is always a plus for me.
Carrie Underwood's Carnival Ride CD is awesome! I bought it on iTunes at midnight the day it came out. (Her "Some Hearts" cd is great too!) In my "I'll admit..." blog, I wrote that I think Carrie Underwood should have a national holiday after her and I believe that with all my heart. Plus Carrie's my neighbor living in good ole Franklin, TN so I have to support her!

I have all of Rihanna's cds. I love to listen to her when I am getting ready. I'll admit that she doesn't have the greatest voice in the world, but she does have catchy tunes that get you dancing & always does great duets with other artists.

Mariah is my girl! I have listened to her since I was like 4! Even though I'm not a fan of this entire album, I am a huge fan of her & her new cd E=MC2 has a few fun songs on it. My favorite Amerian Idol episode this year was when Mariah Carey appeared & they did her music. So amazing.
I know this cd is a little old school, but it's still one of my faves. It reminds me of highschool & summer! I think I listened to it every single day my junior & senior year of highschool. I haven't really heard a whole lot on her new "My December" album, but what I have heard I haven't loved. However, the "Breakaway" cd is always great in my book.

This is definately a cd I get made fun of for. I'm not gonna lie, from what I've seen of Katharine McPhee, I haven't been too whooped, she seems a little too obnoxious & into herself, but this cd is great! It has some really pretty ballads on there & no matter what people say, Katharine McPhee has a great voice. RCA just took her off their record label, so it'll probably be her only cd for awhile...
I know JoJo is like 16 and a little teeny bopper-ish, but she definately has some vocal chords! My mom and sister got me this cd last year for Christmas & I think it's so great! If you ever need good running or workout music, put on JoJo, she gets you going for sure!

Well, after writing this, I realized I don't really care to try out new music. So disregard that first part.

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  1. Hey now, i don't listen to punk rock crap, first of all i don't like rock music, i don't knwo what mine would be called, but i like all types too, and please do not categorize me and spencer as liking the same music, PPPLLLLEEASE:)



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