Friday, July 25, 2008

2 I'll admit...

· I love my immediate family & extended family. A lot of times I go to other people’s houses and think my family is so much more fun.
· I’m really easy going & it takes a lot for me to get mad.
· I listen to my iPod way too much.
· I think revenge is the dumbest concept.
· my friends say I take way too many pictures.
· I have a good self-esteem.
· I need to work on being more sincere.
· I like to cook.
· Dirty kitchens drive me nuts.
· I’m a night owl.
· I love to dress up.
· I'll eat a bag of smart pop popcorn in place of a meal.
· I don’t talk for the first hour I’m awake. It takes me a while to snap back into things.
· I LOVE singing in the car & driving down back roads.
· Shopping for clothes & house décor is a weakness.
· I’m good at writing papers.
· I like meeting new people, but sometimes I'm perfectly fine with the friends I already have.
· I love going to church.
· High School was awesome. College is even better.
· I’m pretty laid back until it comes with being on time. Then I start to annoy people. I hate being late.
· I’m a good singer.
· I wish I could talk about politics with someone.
· I love to give compliments & build people up.
· My laugh is way too loud.
· Target is a problem for me.
· I don’t yell.
· I get along with almost anyone.
· I hate having emails sitting in my inbox. They are either in a folder or deleted.
· I absolutely love coming to work.
· I hate when girls are so forward. I don’t think it’s classy.
· I think ethnic & mixed babies are the cutest.
· I became obsessed with buying DVD’s a year ago & now have quite the collection.
· My friends tell me I exaggerate too much & they have to divide my stories by 10…
· …but I am a good story teller because of that
· I don’t do half done jobs.
· I visit the Us Magazine website once or twice a day. I know, embarrassing.
· I’m really good with my money.
· Loyalty is very important to me.
· I don’t have a favorite sibling, but I think I’m everyone’s favorite sibling.
· I like to read even though I don’t have much of a chance to.
· I used to never cry until I lived with my roommate who loves to cry. Now I tear up over the dumbest things.
· I love how my sister & brothers all have extremely differently personalities and I can relate to each of them because of that.
· I was a really sassy 17 year old and now I feel bad about it.
· I love laughing or making people laugh.
· I still like to babysit.
· I’m pretty outgoing but used to be very shy.
· I wish I was more cultured & could travel the world.
· I used to not care about being cultured & traveling the world.
· Sometimes I don’t study hard enough.
· I like my handwriting.
· I used to be really messy.
· When people complain to me, I try to make it better by thinking on the positive side & then they think I’m not being sensitive.
· I hate excuses & try not to give them. ever.
· I like dark boys. Dark hair. Dark eyes. Dark skin.
· Sometimes I let people walk over me because I hate confrontations & would rather let it go but I still think in my head that I was right.
· I don’t procrastinate.
· I've been told i'm shallow.
· My personality is a mix between my parents.
· I’m really bad at writing my last name in cursive.
· I think Carrie Underwood should have a holiday made after her.
· I love throwing parties & open houses at my apartment.
· I have a lot of energy.
· I love wearing old, ugly, sweat pants.
· I have a lot of friends.
· I have some of the greatest friends in the world.
· I don’t smoke or drink.
· I’m so glad I’m a girl.
· I love thunderstorms.


  1. hey call me right now.
    11:25 pm

  2. love the honesty deej



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