Wednesday, October 07, 2015

1 It's a Girl! Help Us All.

Most of you know I'm pregnant. Again. Yeah, totally feels like I just did that roller coaster ride. Oh wait, I did.

I convinced myself I was having another boy. I even got really excited at the thought of having an all boy family. So I was completely shocked to find out, it's a girl!

BLESS HER. No seriously, I am so scared for her.

I used to hear people freak out and say "I don't even know what I am going to do with a girl/boy" when they had one of one gender and found out they were expecting one of another gender. I thought that was super dramatic. What do you mean you don't know what you are going to do with the new baby?? It's a baby! They sleep at all the wrong times and they cry every time your head hits the pillow. Gender has nothing to do with that.

Except, our little boy hit 5 months and my opinion completely changed.

Side story so I can paint a picture: When I was 15 and home sick from school, my mom must've been gone because I was watching Maury on tv. This specific episode had nothing to do with who the father was and instead featured a kid who had an inability to feel pain and so he started eating his fingers. I was horrified. That is so sick.

When Christian started crawling/scaling the couch/climbing on things, he would fall or crash a lot and hit his head or arm or leg and he would never cry. I seriously cannot remember a time he cried. And he'd crash hard. I remember one time he even fell in the giant waiting room at my doctor's office and the whole room echoed with the fall. Every single moms' head in that room popped up and they all gasped. Christian was singing and just stood right back up and kept going.

At first, I wasn't too concerned and then so many moms started making comments to me about it. I then started to freak out that he had a disease like that kid on Maury! I definitely didn't want him to start chewing off limbs! I googled everything I could and pretty much Sean and I just came to the conclusion that since he went through so much trauma as a newborn and had three unmedicated procedures, maybe he doesn't feel pain like most kids do. At least it's the only answer that's made me feel better. It's also when I started thinking, maybe he's just a really rough and tumble, tough little boy!

If this is the case, our sweet little girl needs to come to us tough as nails. How in the world is Christian supposed to be gentle when he could care less if others are gentle with him and he certainly is not gentle with others??

At first when I heard "It's a girl," my heart sang and I instantly thought of baby dolls, tutus and painted toe nails. Then I glanced at my lovely first born stretching his leg out to kick the nurse. Suddenly I saw a little girl running around with mangled hair and a butcher knife. Yes, she might never be the Miss Priss that I once was. And as I have learned with my boy, kids come jam packed with their own personality, regardless of what you do.

I grew up with my sister a year behind me. I have no memory of my life before she was around. We went through school together and I can still remember her telling off that punk girl, Jasmine, in preschool because I was too shy. We shared clothes, barbies, music and sometimes crushes (the WORST)! We started our periods within 12 hours of each other (too much?). We had our own bedrooms, but we shared mine. There wasn't a night we slept in our own rooms. Most nights, we laughed our heads off until we fell asleep. Most of my best memories are with her. It was so fun having a built in best friend. Once we both slammed our bedroom doors because we were mad (diva behavior was NOT allowed in the Stolworthy house). Both our doors were taken off the hinges immediately. I remember us sitting across the hallway from each other in our doorless doorways laughing our heads off about it.

I know the brother/sister dynamic will be a little different. I do hope that no matter what though, they share a friendship like the one I had with my sister. I hope they have each other's back at school. I know sometimes they'll fight and scream at each other. That's okay, too. Maybe they won't share all the same hobbies and same friends, but I hope at the end of the day they can be a listening ear, a crying shoulder and thrilled for the other's successes just like my siblings do for me.

We are ready for you Kent girl!! And I say "ready" super lightly. Just a little reminder to stay cooking until March. Gracias.

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  1. I just found this website again! Fun read, Danielle! You have a gift to write! Love it! Love you!
    Congrats on your baby girl born today! :) Happy Journey!!



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