Tuesday, October 06, 2015

3 A Birthday Party... For Me!

Turning one is like the biggest deal in the world, is it not? This morning I was getting so carried away with my big plans for Christian's party! If you could've been in my mind, everything was so Pinterest-worthy. I was getting so excited to be insta-famous!

Then I started thinking, this is not about him at all, it's about me. The park, the friends, the cake, the perfect banners and delicious food... It was all about me and what I wanted. How selfish! I then started thinking, If I were to really make the day all about my big birthday boy, I'd want him to know it was different and special! I'd want him to be able to do things on that day, that we normally don't do. I'd want to really make his day and do all the things that he absolutely loves!

I made a list of the activities for his new party:
-Have unlimited time playing in the dishwasher. He can pull out whatever dishes and it does not matter what was on them or how sharp they are.
-Bite/lick the toilet lid.
-Aluminum Foil. Lots of it. Pull it out of drawers, tear it up, chew on it.
-Eat as much dog food as wanted. When I see him with chipmunk packed cheeks full of kibbles n' bits, I promise, I will not remove any pieces.
-Rip all the leaves off all our trees and bushes. Just tear them right off, I don't care!
-All toys/tools will be sharp, dangerous and potentially fatal. No moms are going to put a stop to that!
-Lola will be giving free piggy back rides.
-Rocks, dirt and bugs will be served for lunch.
-No diapers at this party! You can pee wherever you want and you don't have to sit still to get a fresh new diaper. How nice.
-Naked. Clothes not necessary here......

You know what? Now that I think about it, never mind. His birthday is going to be all about me.


  1. Oh my word this made me laugh out loud, so hilarious. I'm so glad you've been blogging a little bit again :)

  2. Somehow as you went through that notable list in your head of what he wanted to do, I felt there was going to be a U-turn! Hahaha!



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