Tuesday, June 17, 2014

1 Problems

I'm normally a healthy eater and I really wanted to commit myself to eating really healthy during this pregnancy. I remember one week trying to decide what to have for lunch and going, "Oh my gosh, this is the week that it's ears and eyes develop. I better get a salad with lots of spinach and veggies so it develops healthy and strong!"

And then one night, this happened:

Umm excuse me for being the grossest person alive. (And P.S. If you want to have a good laugh when you're pregnant, text my sister, she makes everything hilarious.)

Six weeks hit and I became an absolutely worthless human being. I had "morning sickness" from the crack of dawn and it finally ceased around 9pm (if that). I was also constantly tired. Most afternoons I walked in the house and jumped into bed fully clothed. Meanwhile Sean would replace our garbage disposal, clean the entire house and did all of the laundry. Oh, and then 3 hours later, I would get out of bed thinking I had taken a 15 minute nap. I had to lay down flat on my back, or a I was sick. Misery, I tell you.

Then week 7 came and I couldn't eat anything but crackers and Ginger Ale. For weeks the thought of any food at all made me sick. I gagged down oatmeal, I gagged down soup at lunch. Nothing but Ginger Ale and crackers and the only reason I even ate that was just to keep me alive. I was positive I was going to pull a Brangelina and adopt the rest of the kids in this family.
If we drove somewhere that was 5 minutes away, I completely passed out in the front seat of the car before we even made our destination. I mean, seriously can someone get me a wheelchair and just stick a permanent IV in me? That would at least give me an excuse for constantly looking like death warmed over. The fatigue was crippling. Sleep is what I wanted to do more than anything. Let me give you a quick chart:

sleep > eating
sleep > going to work
sleep > shopping
sleep > all expenses paid, 7 day trip to Hawaii

Pregnancy is not for pansies. Sean also proved to me that he would forever be my BFF (I already knew that but he really stepped up). I have never heard him complain once. He took over all household duties, while doing school, clinic and studying for his finals. Also, while catering to my every need. A billion points for Sean Man!

In the last couple of weeks though, I've hit a happy pregnancy place!
I just want to give a little shout out to 2nd trimester. You're sooo much cooler than the first. Guess what guys? I've started eating my foods again and I went to the GYM last night for the first time in weeks! It was a pathetic excuse for a workout but I did it without thinking I was going to barf everywhere. Oh yeah pregnancy is like the easiest thing ever. What was I smoking before? I've got this!

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  1. OMG I love this so much. And that was probably my favorite text. So funny. And I know you'll be healthy! I can't wait to see your little babe!!!



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