Monday, December 16, 2013

4 Boys Will Be Boys

I have this issue that's called "talk to your grown man husband like he's 6 months old." Lots of times I'll say to Sean, "Do you want me to pack you a snacky poo?" or, "Do you need a nappy poo?"

The other day he said, "Dani, do you want a poo sandwich?"
Ew. You're sick.

Sean: "Whattttt??? I'm just trying to talk cute like you! So we can both talk cute together!"

Yeah, umm, you don't even know how to talk cute like me. That's not how you do it and that's gross.



  1. HAHAHA oh man that is hilarious. do you guys remember that seinfeld episode? hehehe...

    1. I don't remember that one in particular so you'll have to jog my memory but I probably did see it multiple times and it dissolved into my brain and became part of the way I interact with the world

  2. Hahahaha Danielle AND Sean! So very funny and I do believe your brain has dissolved...or something like that, Sean! Haha!

  3. pahahahahaha!!!! Didn't see that one coming. Sean keeps you on your toes for sure.



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