Tuesday, November 19, 2013

0 Just Keep Swimming

The other day, Sean and I were sitting in the waiting area while our car was getting an oil change. I looked at him and he had glazed over eyes. We were both tired.

I thought about why I was tired.
Oh yeah...

We moved in May.
Wedding planned in June.
Got married in June.
Dotted the map in July.
Moved again in July.
Started school/new job in August.
Settled into apartment in September.
House hunted in September.
Bought house in October.
Remodeled in October.
Moved again in November.
Remodeled more in November.

All while learning the ropes of marriage, learning about all the work buying a home takes and starting completely new careers.
Not that I'm complaining. These are all good things! Luckily, so far, we haven't been thrown any curve balls. But yes, we're both very tired.

I go to work, come home and work some more, crash, repeat. Sean has been the biggest champ. He wakes up extra early to study, works hard all day and then comes home to help me with house stuff and then returns to the library to study again before bed. How he has the energy, I will never know.

The last 3 weeks have hit us the hardest but we definitely took Sunday naps to a new level this week. Both of us passed out for about 4 hours. Umm, is there a nap Olympics?
(Construction zone and piles of boxes strategically cropped out of photo.)

We cannot even begin to list off all the things we're feeling grateful for. Most of our conversations revolve around how lucky we both feel. Life is very busy and extremely good!

(But I won't lie, I will not be mad at all about it slowing down a little bit in the next month.)

2013. Wowza. What a year.

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