Wednesday, October 16, 2013

6 Kimbap

Sean announced last night he needed to make some kimbap for the Asian Pacific Medical Student Association fund raiser that was today. "I need to represent us Koreans," said my anglo-saxon boy. Sometimes those 2 year missions just change your ethnicity entirely.

Rolls and rolls of kimbap. On a school night.

I felt it was a foreshadowing into my future, "Mom, I have a project due tomorrow and I'm going to need poster board, some yarn, felt, googly eyes....." Ugh, sometimes that type A part of my personality just ruins everything. But lesson learned. Even though it was unplanned, we had a lot of fun.

I do have to cut Sean slack because he just found out that day, and I mean, when the chance comes along to help the Asian Pacific Medical Student Association, you don't just sit on your butt and watch it pass by.

So we turned on the korean music and began chopping and rolling.

After my first roll, Sean said, "Wow Danielle, you'll bring honor to us all." Which is awesome because I totally love Mulan references.

Chopping, stuffing, rolling. Working for a chunk of time when I go to put another roll into the bag and see this:

Then this:

Oh em gee. Please don't tell me you've been eating them while we go....

Yes, yes you have.

Well we definitely didn't make it to bed by our usual 9 pm bedtime, but we had a brown bag stuffed with kimbap by the end of the night and I felt proud today when I went downstairs to see if anyone was paying attention to the fundraiser and there was a long line of people buying the food.

Do what you can to support Asian Pacific clubs in your area. It's like one of the few things I'm good at right now so I need to let everyone know.


  1. haahhahhahhhhhhahhhaha SEAN! That picture is my favorite! I am dying over this post. I miss you so bad, Deej.

    1. HAH! Rachy Roo! I knew if anyone would understand me on this, it'd be you. He straight up had carrots hanging out the side of his mouth! Miss & LOVE you!

  2. So so so FUNNY!!! Oh that Sean! But then again who can resist (sushi)??? Loved this!

  3. hahaha.. this was excellent. and made my mouth water. you guys are the cutest.

    1. Ohhh Jean... I feel like you would've really appreciated this night. Kimbap date within the next 10 years?

  4. Such a fun posting! Your life has been interesting to this point and will continue to be amazing to you as you look back on it, Danielle.



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