Sunday, July 21, 2013

3 Snapshots from Tennessee

We were lucky enough to spend a week in my hometown after our honeymoon. Sean's parents were there and some of my extended family came as well. It was really fun to have such a full house!

I love Tennessee and I love this time of year. It's straight up green everywhere you look.

Toured Vanderbilt's beautiful campus and hospital. One day?

Ate at my favorite places. Love the Mercantile!

Toured Civil War sites.

Sean discovered an international market in Nashville. The employees were impressed by his Korean and one man even caught up to us at the register and gave us lettuce and sesame leaves as a gift. They were the sweetest people!

He then cooked my family samguypsal and it was so sooo good!

My heart! I love this place!


  1. Your hometown is so dreamy looking! One day ill make it out there with you!!!

  2. Nice to get this little write up and the pictures. Fun memories! The Korean dinner night was most memorable and delicious, Sean and Danielle! Thank you for your kind service in planning, shopping, preparing, and cooking all of that for us! I think of you often and know you are happily going on with your lives. Love you!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! It was so fun all being there together! I love you two! happy on month & 2 days of marriage!



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