Monday, July 29, 2013

1 San Diego

Where in the world is Dani San Diego??? UGGGH! That was so cheesy but I STILL LIKED IT. And I laughed at my own horrible joke. I need help, or sleep.

But seriously, where the heck am I? We are dotting the map y'all. Sean starts orientation on Wednesday so I think we are allowed to. This is the last break for the rest of forever he'll get. This last week we headed to San Diego with the Kents. They did not have me fooled while we were dating. They have continued to hold their title of Best In-Laws I Could Ask For Ever.  It's a title that sometimes people give out.

We had so much fun.

I mean, I pretty much had good hair days the whole time in San Diego.

Best Pop Pop ever!! Logan wanted to go to the Splash Zone during the Shamu show at Sea World and Pop Pop didn't even hesitate. Pure joy. And wetness.

Sea World is better with a 3 year old. Especially this 3 year old because he is so much fun.

Sean's brother Brandon, his wife Sydney and their kids Logan and Brixton. My favorite family of four!

We caught lots of sand crabs!
This is the one Sean ate.... I just don't even stop him anymore guys. Boys will be boys.

Sometimes Sean is unaware and starts stretching in the middle of my ocean pic photo shoot. I'm not mad.

AHHH. Ah! I. Love. Him.

One of my favorites from the trip! The drunk dudes on the porch were chanting, "KISS, KISS, KISS" every time 2 people walked by. Sherie and Lloyd got the loudest cheers of us all. 30 years and they've still got it.

So fun! Thanks mom and dad Kent for the good times!

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  1. VERY FUN!!! Jealous slash happy for you and those AWESOME Kents! xoxoxo



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