Monday, May 06, 2013

4 Our Story

Sean and I don't know when we met, but we're almost positive it was in the dorms freshman year. I was friends with a lot of people from Mountain View, where he went to high school and we were hanging out with a lot of the same people.

The first time I actually remember meeting him though, was right after his mission in 2009. I ran into him at a grocery store with my friend Leslie. I liked this guy at the time and she told me Sean was his friend. It's sad, but that's why he stood out.

In 2010, Sean came over to the Cheetah Mansion with a few of his friends for breakfast. A couple weeks later, I ran into him at Yogurtland and he asked for my number. At this point I had dated his friend so I just thought maybe he wanted to hang out as friends.

He called me to go out for a date in October of 2011 but our first date wasn't until November. We actually went out on a few dates in November and December, but he just graduated and was moving back home to Arizona to work for his dad. He left me his bamboo plant to take care of (and I eventually killed it).

During the period where he was home in Arizona, we didn't talk much. I started kind of dating someone else and he was busy working for his dad. I saw on facebook though that he was moving back to Utah in the summer. He had called me to hang out a few times in the summer but I was being sketchy because I was figuring out things with another guy. I went to California for a few weeks and even before things weren't working out with the other boy, I was hearing from Sean. I came back from California and we went to a rodeo in August. For some reason, we lost touch AGAIN. It was definitely more my fault than his. School was starting and I was extremely busy starting up the new STEM program at my school.

In October, I kept thinking I needed to text him again and see if he wanted to get together. He was interviewing in New York for medical school when he texted me.

 It's funny, because I had to go back and look to see he had texted me first. I totally thought I had been the one that texted him initially because I had been thinking that I needed to do that all week! He asked me on another date for when he got back from New York and the rest is history.

In February, Sean got into medical school in Arizona for the fall. That definitely sped up our relationship! That night he told me he was 100% sure he wanted to marry me. He also told me he wasn't leaving Utah without me and I wasn't going to be the one to keep him from med school! So we decided to move forward. By this point, we had been friends for so long, it didn't feel rushed or premature.

I knew I loved him early on. It was hard not to. I had never dated someone like him. He was consistently good to me and was fiercely loyal. I loved how he knew exactly what he wanted in life and always went after it! He had a backbone and he had drive. He didn't ever string me along.

It has always felt natural and easy and fun. I was always myself and he was always honest and never played any games. I think we are the best team in the world. We compliment each other and we work well together. Whatever I lack, he makes up for. Oh, and we're both incredibly funny.

So, we are almost positive it all began in 2006, and here we are 7 years later getting married! We've known each other and been in the same city for awhile, but now it's finally the right time.  Funny how things work out. 


  1. Love it! I can't wait for you to get married!

  2. You remind me so much of my sister- even down to your love story! Congrats Dani- you deserve it!

  3. CONGRATS! I am sooo happy for you. When it's the right one it works so smoothly, I fiercely believe that. Levi and I met 8 years before we even started talking again. It was all worth it. Good luck with all of the big changes--planning a life together with someone living in another state is difficult, but you'll have some time to rest after you move. :) If you need someone to vent to, give me a buzz, I've been in your shoes. HURRAY FOR LOVE and HURRAY for the wonderful man who puts first those who are important : YOU.

  4. Well. You're welcome, I suppose. ;) OR: I'm sorry I didn't see this coming and help speed things up. Your choice. I love you!!!!



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