Tuesday, April 23, 2013

4 Missing

When I leave my kids with a substitute teacher, sometimes I have them guess where I am after the sub reads Miss Nelson is Missing. They have to write a multi paragraph story and draw a picture (of course writing I get back after a day of subs is not the best quality, but whatevs).

Can you guess what the common theme was when I saw their writing after coming back from my Thursday and Friday AZ trip?
Across the board.

One of my faves:
"I think she went to a store to buy a dress for her wedding in the summer. She picked a sparkling dress that has diamonds, rubies and more glamourous stuff! The dress was less than her budget and her budget was $12,091,989. That was her budget to buy a dress. Sean said "Do you like it or love it?" "I love it Sean!" said Miss Stolworthy. She was super happy about getting a new weddding dress and after she went to the ring shop and bought a ring. Miss Stolworthy said "I love you Sean" "I love you too Miss Stolworthy" said Sean. They got closer and closer and kissed each other! "Ah" they said. "Let's go to the sunset" Sean said "Ok" Miss Stolworthy said. They drove to the sunset and it was beautiful.
Last they drove to a restaurant to stop and eat dinner. They ate a romantic dinner. At subway. Sean gave her a gift. The gift was a ticket for two to go to Hawaii!! Miss Stolworthy said, "Thank you! Love it!"
"Welcome" Sean said.
The End.

They love, love.
And apparently they also really love Subway because probably 5 of them mentioned it in their story. What's the deal with Subway?


  1. I was picturing the dress shopping day perfectly until it was made known that the romantic dinner was at Subway. hahha ahhhmazing

  2. This is hysterical.

    I use to blog over at allymullin.blogspot.com, but now im over at www.danplusally.blogspot.com---come over and follow me!


  3. hhahahhaha that's so funny. Subway. I like that you lay down to eat dinner at Spaghetti Factory!

  4. Those kids are going to miss you, big time! You will miss their sweet faces, too! You learn to love who your serve. Marriage presents the perfect opportunity to serve and to love! So happy for you two!



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