Wednesday, April 24, 2013

5 Hola.

WARNING: This is going to get wordy!
I went down to Arizona last weekend to knock out some of the wedding to-do's. Sean's mom Sherie was such a champ! She made us a bunch of appointments and I can officially say I have a photographer, florist, a cake lady, decorations, a venue and a marriage license. I honestly feel like I can just chill now (at least for a day or two). It's insane how much we got done!

I am extremely excited about how everything is coming together. I told Sean he didn't have to come to anything he didn't have an opinion on, a.k.a, he went to nothing. Which is good because he was able to do fun things with his friends and not totally resent the wedding process...

I got to AZ Wednesday night and we started out our trip by heading down to Tucson. Yes, cat's out of the bag. Sean and I will be moving to Arizona this summer so he can attend medical school in the fall.
We drove around Tucson and it just never hit me that it will be home for the next four years. Sean was worried about how I'm going to handle this transition, but I kept reassuring him that it will be a fun new adventure and he doesn't need to worry about me being homesick or crying or not liking it. I'm all about having fun wherever you are!

We have decided to buy a home rather than rent. We are in a position that we can do so and it just makes more sense. Our real estate agent took us around and we both fell in love with a home. Seriously, I daydream about this house. Only one problem, I have to have proof of a Tucson job before we can sign for anything. So, now it's a waiting game.

I was surprised how easily we agreed on whether or not we liked every house. I knew it was too good to be true. We showed up to the last house of the day with a totem pole in front yard and a chinese prayer around the door... huh??? The house, in my humble opinion was terrible. Problem was, Sean went straight to the backyard and fell in love with it. I will admit, the backyard was totally awesome. It had a chicken coop, which we both want, and a whole grilling area, a fire pit and a play set and a shed. However, the inside was disgusting, but Sean was already convinced he loved the house because of the backyard. I didn't say anything and I was trying my hardest to not just completely bust up laughing. Meanwhile, he's running around the house like a kid on Christmas morning. Finally, when we got to the last room I started laughing hysterically. "It's terrible Sean, I'm sorry, I hate it so much. We will never ever buy this house." I was laughing quite hard at this point.

We were discussing it over Eegee's and I said, "I'm sorry. That house just makes me laugh."
Sean: "Yeah and just imagine, we could laugh everyday together in it."
Nice try.

"We'll talk about it later," he said.
"Yep, we'll talk about it later," I said.
(We won't.)

Poor Sean. It will never happen. So I took a pic of him in front of the house since that's the last time we will ever be going there.

On the way back from Tucson to Mesa, we stopped at Picacho Peak's ostrich and animal farm. We both love animals and will totally be visiting every weekend. So fun.

It was Sean's birthday on Friday and we were able to go to dinner with our friends Cory and Emily. Yeah, I know, lots of food. Oink oink.

Sean also wanted to go skateboarding. Umm, yeah that was hilarious.
We did go skateboarding around the temple though which made me SO excited for the big day!

Any spare time was spent with family and friends and our favorite nephews. I adore Sean's family and we're excited to be semi close to them once we move.

I feel so good about all the things we checked off!
My mom had a fun trip to Europe and now she's back in the U. S. of A. working hard to throw this thing together in Tennessee. She is making my wedding dress and doing a ton of other crafty things for the big day. I could not do any of this without her!

So, on top of wedding planning, and working crazy hard to help my kids finish out the year with a bang, I've been job hunting and house hunting. I have to schedule in little times to shower, sleep and eat or it doesn't happen! Good and crazy busy times.


  1. Girl you got this. You are so impressive and smart. Like, you do everything right. Good luck with everything! I know you'll have a beautiful wedding and those Arizona schools sure are lucky!

  2. I'm with Shalyce!! SOOO funny! I was busting out laughing when you were (well, when I was READING that you were) all through the house! Haha! You know how many times I've watched that exact scenario?? CLASSIC!!! And hilarious!!! Love you!!

  3. Really enjoyed reading this again. I didn't have time to write a comment the first time I read it. No fear, your blog post are worth reading and re-reading over again. They are so fun and this one was especially nice since you gave us a lot of background. You do have a lot going on Danielle! So many happy things going on! Your happiness makes me happy, too! That was a really fun picture of the house with the totem pole in the front yard. No front yard should be without that! Lol Enjoy this special time in your life, you and Shawn! The Kents are a very special family, I can tell already!



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