Tuesday, April 09, 2013

2 AH!

I had this genius plan to spend two to three days a week wedding planning, three days a week just focusing on my job and then one day a week focusing on finding us a place to live (which Sean has kind of taken over and is doing a fabulous job at, I must say).

BAHAHAHAHAAH! Anyways, that was a really funny idea that I thought would work.
Monday is supposed to just be spent on lesson planning, grading papers and all the millions of other tiny things my job requires.
So yeah.... yesterday I was on the phone with different people from the time school got out until 10:30 when I finally hung up from my last phone call, doing what? Wedding planning. Fail.

Plan B: Plan to not plan.

And I was definitely NOT the girl that started planning my wedding when I was 18. No way. I started planning 5 days ago because let's be honest, I was never actually sure if I'd get married or be able to tolerate someone enough to attach myself to them for forever. I've got a lot of lost time to make up for! So actually my advice for anyone who doesn't even have a boyfriend or the faintest idea of who they could marry, start planning your wedding now. Pick out the venues. Find a good caterer. Have your maid of honor throw you a shower. Turns out it's never too soon to start. I'm thinking I'll start planning my daughters wedding when she's 6 or so.

I have been able to find a few things to help me stay organized though.
I have my wedding planning book, PINTEREST and "The Knot" app which I adore.

 Of course it also reminds me of the 12,000 things I need to do when I can fit in a spare second.

(How do some people get married 7 times?)

It doesn't even matter though because now I have an actual wedding date and regardless of whatever works out or does not work out, I'm happy. Mark your calendars folks!

Friday, June 28th


  1. Haha! You are too cute. Take advantage of your mom! That's in their job description. You should also probably schedule yourself a massage at some point..probably post CRTs and pre-wedding. :-)

  2. Yes yes yes Whitney. Especially after today, I'm thinking a massage is a must.



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