Wednesday, February 13, 2013

3 Surviving Valentine's Day

I am a big fan of Valentine's Day. The thing is, I'm actually a big fan when there's anything to celebrate. I like parties. I like party favors. I like making treats. I like decorating.

 The only Valentine's Day I can truly remember being totally awful was a couple years ago when my heart was shattered into a tiny million pieces and I had to pretend to be excited that I was with friends all night except it was totally exhausting to put on such an act because I hated it.
And I ate too many sugar cookies.

But if your heart isn't busted into billions of pieces and you're whining, then I don't understand you. I don't get why single people have to be so dramatic on Valentine's Day. I've been single on Valentine's Day several times and I didn't wear black to campus or cause a big scene on Facebook (ex: "I think I'll just stay in bed and die today"). I didn't call it "Singles' Awareness Day" because I was aware I was single on February 13th and February 15th too. It's just so confusing to me.

So, that's just my soap box and I'm right.

I will say, however, if you want your V Day to be totally great regardless of your relationship status, celebrating Valentine's Day is extra super awesome with 30 kids. First of all, kids have no inhibitions in telling you they love you. They write you original poems, they give you handmade cards that they worked so terribly hard on. They gift you light up roses and teddy bears accompanied with a box full of crappy chocolates. It's wonderful.

Almost a month ago, I finished the kids' Valentines. Umm can I get a "holla" for being so on top of things??

* I can't even take credit for this idea though because I saw something like it once before and copied it from my memory. So, whoever originally came up with something similar to this, "You Rule."

I don't do candy on holidays for the kiddos. 1. There is an obesity epidemic in America 2. (And this is the real reason), By lunch time, I honest to goodness cannot control them.

I know the boys will start whacking each other with their rulers in under 5 minutes. I know I'll have to confiscate half of these rulers because they're using them as toys, not tools. I know they'll be disappointed that they didn't get suckers or chocolate or fruit snacks, but our measurement unit is coming up and they needed rulers anyways.

Two birds. One stone.

Happy Valentine's Day a little early!


  1. This is great, and how cute are those gifts?! I totally agree with you about the whole single-on-valentines thing.... I have also had a few heart shatterings right before the holiday, but it definitely doesn't merit theatrics. You said it girl, YOU ARE RIGHT ha :)

  2. hahah you're amazing. Your kids are going to be excited about the rulers, because they look like they're exciting all wrapped up like that :) And a few of them won't care that the ruler's not candy and will chew on it, anyway....

  3. Cute posting and cute comment by Rachel here, too! Yes, there is no point in moaning about being single. It isn't optimal but then there are lots of things we can appreciate and love so why settle for whining. I agree with you. Loved the ruler gift! Clever and very caring of you, Danielle, to go the extra measure for them! Pun intended! LOL



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