Thursday, February 21, 2013

5 Hi There

There will be nothing clever, witty or creative about this writing.
I am wiped! Parent teacher conferences do that to you. I just had a parent no show so it's time to give some love to the blog.

Valentine's Day was bomb diggity. Sean did VDay right. The best way I can sum up Valentine's Day in the classroom would be through this rat nasty cookie picture:
The kids are pretty crazy all day.

I let my kids out for lunch recess between 11:40 and 11:45. On Valentine's Day when they were so crazy hyper pumped full of sugar, I let them out at 11:39. About 1 minute later, Sean bust through the classroom door with the loveliest of gifts intending to make a big scene in front of my kids because they are absolutely obsessed with the idea of me having a boyfriend. They were already outside. Sad day.

That night we went to Communal in Provo. It was so so good. He loved it because they had a pre planned menu and it took the stress of decision making out of the night. Phew.

I woke up at 4am the next day feeling mucho sicko. It got progressively worse so I called in for a sub. By 9am I couldn't stand up without blacking out. Sean just assumed I was sleeping all morning and didn't want to wake me up. Around 1pm I barely had the strength to text him. We were supposed to leave to go to AZ at 4:30 but I knew I wouldn't be able to go. He came over and I started crying. I got a blessing and a Jamba Juice. I started feeling okay enough to go about 10 minutes before. Sean packed my bag and we were off. Somehow (I don't remember any of this), I made it to the airport and through security!

We spent the weekend in AZ with his family.

This is Sean and his daughter Ani.

This is Sean's nephew Logan after he told us he was a dog.

We took Logan to the farm and he had absolutely NO FEAR. I was standing in awe as he chased every animal and picked them up. 

 We had so much fun and they were really patient with my super awkward sickness. It was so nice to be in warm weather. I'm kind of thinking it's time to go back.


  1. I hope you got to indulge in a little Tia Rosas while you were there! Healing properties, I tell ya :)

  2. Yes! Funny! We got take out right after we left the airport :)
    Yummy tia rosas!

  3. this is super cute. i bet communal on vday was bomb! yum! hope youre feeling better! :)

  4. Why do kids have to be so crazy on every holiday?! I need some AZ sun in my life! Jealous!


  5. Sean's baby, Ani, is so cute & looks just like him!



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