Saturday, January 12, 2013

2 Boys & Kissing

I had a super fabulous conversation with my friend Maegan on the phone tonight. It brought back a flood of memories that all started when she asked if my boo "is a good kisser." (Umm obviously or else I would've dumped him by now) I was, however, caught completely off guard by her question.  It seemed so juvenile. "I don't think anyone has asked me that question since Joe*!"

And then we both laughed because Joe* was someone I dated when I was maybe 20.

*His name is not actually Joe

I guess it's been a little while since I've kissed and told but it instantly brought me back to when we were all 18 and really really liked kissing boys. We couldn't get boys to like us enough to date us, but we could get them to like us enough to kiss us.
We had the same routine every time.
If we were out with a guy, and he kissed us, we would come back to the apartment and slap the "that was easy" button.
Sidenote: My dad had originally bought me the "that was easy" button when we were picking up college supplies at Staples for me my first semester probably so I could convince myself college statistics was easy but it turns out, college statistics was really hard so I had to use it for something that came a little easier.

As soon as the button was slapped, every girl in the apartment came running from every corner to hear an in-depth play by play. Each story was like watching The Bachelor finale x's 4000. We bit our nails, we screamed.

So bless her heart, Maegan asked me the questions we use to ask each other back in the day and we had a good laugh. She told me I was a little rusty in answering them.

Her husband Landon told her the other day  that once I get married a huge weight will be lifted off his shoulders. Maeg said, "at first I thought that was really dramatic of him, but now I think it's sweet."

Good looking out Maeg and Landeezy!

I totally need to find my THAT WAS EASY button.

Maybe I could slap it one day when i get engaged or married because that would be very hilarious and sarcastic of me. Getting engaged is the hardest thing to do in the whole world.


  1. Another good one! I got that button for Ian I believe. I think he over used it so much they put it in their car in the garage for awhile. Hopefully, he is not using in in the same way you mention here. He HAS to finish school! Girls--off limits! Well, you know how EASY that would be for him! He is a cute fella!



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