Monday, October 22, 2012

4 Meet, Boots With The Fur

Hey friends!
This is our new classroom pet, Boots with the Fur.
For short, we call him Boots.
He is super legit.
So is his mad scientist hair.
Of course, we got his name from the popular Flo Rida song, "Low"
Eh em:

Here's a little about Boots:
(1) He's super awesome at scaling his cage. A pretty athletic hamster. (2) Loves his wheel like it's no one's business. Like I said, very coordinated, athletic. (3) A little birdseye view. He's really photogenic. (4) He's a great eater and loves when I give him carrots and spinach.

Our first term writing is persuasive, which is actually a harder type of writing to teach and can be pretty difficult for 9 year olds. For our final piece, they had to convince me why it was a good idea to get a class pet, which they literally begged for everyday.
They did a fabulous job and they all tried so hard, bless their hearts. This was SERIOUS business to them. Everyday during writing it was absolutely silent. Some of their cute thoughts:

My gosh, those cute kids. Melting my heart. You have never seen a happier bunch than you saw in my classroom today. We talked about how to be gentle with a small animal and how to not frighten him. I told them they could not roll him down the playground slide or bathe him (that happened with Tubby, he came back to school with bald patches.) They're so excited.

But ohhhhhh Bootsies, you have no idea what you just got yourself into.....


  1. i can't believe our music video was not included in this post!

  2. Okay Maeg.... I KNOW! I can't get us table top dancing in the Cannon Center to Low OUT OF MY HEAD! We were too cool.
    Where is that vid by the way? Epic.

  3. So sweet the essays from the kids and especially I loved your reaction to their efforts, Danielle. The little critter is cute, have fun together all of you!

  4. aw, poor tubby! This post is so great! Cute little Boots!



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