Wednesday, October 24, 2012

5 I Hate Everything

By the end of the day, I'm shot. My hair has zero curl left, I have tape stuck to my shoe and on a typical day, I might have a Capri Sun down the front of my shirt. For some strange reason though, kids have built up most of their energy by this time which is why getting their planners written in and everyone packed up without them body slamming backpacks by 3:20 can give you a splitting headache.
I like to motivate them with something fun if they can pack up without talking in under 2 minutes. I've told jokes, I've done brain teasers, I've done basketball tricks and I've also shown Schoolhouse Rock videos. They're each about 3 minutes long and I bought the dvd of all of them at Target. Best $10 I've ever spent.
Today, we watched one I had never seen and there was a surprise ending I, of course, did not know about.

I gave a good, hearty laugh at 2:43. I knew I was in trouble when all the kids looked at me like, "Umm, she should not be laughing. This is a real problem for her."

I turned the video off.
Me: "WOW! Pearl and Mr. Morton! What a twist in the plot, huh guys??! Pearl's a bold woman."
Kid 1: "Well Miss Stolworthy, maybe you should try that. Wait, is it illegal for girls to propose?"
Me: "Against the law? Nooooo. But seriously you guys, I'm not that desperate. Mr. Morton is like 40, overweight, can't even take initiative and has no hair. I'm looking pretty good."
Kid 2: Well when you find the guy you want, and when he runs, just follow him. To his house. Look in his window...... Then just.... propose."

Umm "and WHEN he RUNS?"
Dude. SO offended. I hate Mr. Morton so much. I hate how my kids put me on the same level as him. I hate how they think I can't get whoever the heck I want.  I hate that my sister had a dream the other night that I had to propose. I hate boys that are like Mr. Morton and are too wussy to do anything.  I hate Pearl for lowering the standard. We're never watching that dumb Schoolhouse Rock again.


  1. Ummm....I'm here for you if you need me! Hahahahahhahhahhahhaha....

  2. hahahhahhahhahahahahahahahahah OMG

  3. Oh Dani, you are beautiful and talented and there is some amazing guy who will realize that some day! Don't pay any mind to what your students think of you, my student asked me if I was a grandma the other day. You can never take them too seriously. Love ya!

  4. I personally enjoyed watching Mr. Morton. Poor man was suffering with loneliness, so sad. That could never be you though, as you have far too many friends! You have introduced me to Schoolhouse Rock, a first for me. Fun, and I know the kids enjoy that! You are such a fun teacher! Wish I could say that my teachers were fun growing up. I did have a few sweet ones though. Have a great week, Danielle! Love you!

  5. School House Rock SAVED MY MIND when I taught third grade. I did the same thing, turned on SHR and stamped folders.
    I never watched Mr. Morton though... interesting hahah
    You're WAY hotter, don't worry! :)



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