Monday, July 02, 2012

2 Stolworthy Fam Reunion

This weekend was the Stolworthy Family Reunion. I'm all about these get togethers. Had a depressing moment when our immediate family was planning on meeting up and I said to my dad, "But wait, when will Spencer be com..... Oh. Yeah."

My cute sister with my cute cousin.

Me, Brother, Cousin.

Momma K. Crazy K. She is a real joy.

Cousin Keri and her sweet & always stylish Jade Baby.

My dad, the baby whisperer.

My sister, the baby whisperer.

Oh, and by the way, Stolworthy genes are a surefire recipe for kid cuteness.
I love Wyatt. He only told me I would never get married once and just called me 'booger face' about 10 times. Our relationship is improving.

My favorite Krugh Man about to go down the slip and slide. A shiner on the right eye, but still going strong! I love him.

My Grandma's wedding dress and Grandpa's WWII uniform were on display with some of his medals from serving in Germany and tons of old pictures of their life together. I could've spent hours here.

One of the games at the reunion was for the grandkids to put my dad's siblings in order oldest to youngest.... isn't that game played at every reunion?
(My dad's the one with his hand on Grandpa's knee, #13 out of 15. This picture was taken after their youngest baby's funeral)

(My dad's the one on my Grandpa's lap. This picture was taken at Uncle Russ & Aunt Barbara's wedding.)

Made me miss Grandma & Grandpa. They were salt of the earth, hardworking, kind, honest, selfless, good people. I see so many of their wonderful traits in aunts, uncles and cousins and I know we all feel so blessed and honored to be carrying their name. I knew them for a short time on this earth, but I absolutely love hearing stories about them and I'm continually impressed by all that they did in their lives.
Wonderful weekend. Good reminders. Love family.


  1. wahhh! So sad I couldn't go. Thanks for the pictures!

  2. Giulia! We seriously seriously missed you.
    PS- I love your family. They're my family too, but still.
    Miss you my dear!



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