Monday, July 02, 2012

6 Something Embarrassing I Did to Win a Pillow

Remember how I said I was bidding on a bunch of Turkish pillows on ebay? Well, I was up in Salt Lake with Nat this morning when I realized I had less than an hour left before the bidding closed on a pillow that I loved.
I decided to get home quickly so I could make sure no haters tried to outbid me.
Disclaimer: This is where my story starts getting really intense.
We are pulling off of the University Parkway exit and Nat pulls up ebay on my phone. "Dan, you've only got 4 minutes left..."
I can be the biggest speed demon on the road if necessary but I was driving behind a freaking cop going 10 under. I was not going to make it home in time and my phone wasn't updating fast enough! Got stopped at a red light. DANNNNGITTTT. Panic sets in and I know I only have one option.
Mac store.
With 1 minute 24 seconds left I rip into this parking lot, BOOKED IT inside,

logged onto one of their computers, bid, got outbid, bid, got outbid, bid (2 seconds left).....

.....My heart is racing....

I then proceeded to bust some serious moves and let out a few praises.
All Apple employees are now confused. No one asked if we needed help because it was clear all was good in the hood.
Nat quietly came up to me and said, "Ok, can we go now?"

Adrenaline from a pillow. It's easy to make this girl happy.
I still don't know how much I ended up paying for it (almost positve it's under a grand), all I know is I won, suckers.
Winner winner chicken dinner.


  1. hahahah. the celebratory picture is almost as amazing as how you tell this story. congrats on the cute pillows!!!

  2. I will have to do a for real reinactment al. Writing about it does not do it justice. I busted some serious moves.

  3. Love this! I gave you an award; check out my blog to see what it is! :)

  4. Danielle, this was just so,so funny to me! You wrote it up in the most laugh inducing way, first of all, and the illustrations are perfect, of course, too! You just gave me a good laugh at the end of a hard day! Love you so much and really excited to see you and soon! Yay!

  5. It's sooo true!!! Best story and so amazing-add that to your talent list! Winning Ebay bids (at all costs) Bahaha!!



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