Saturday, July 21, 2012

3 Doing Their Best

My heart is breaking for the people in Colorado, especially those who lost loved ones. I cannot imagine their grief. I was in shock watching the footage on the news that someone could have such little regard for life. For the entire day, I couldn't shake my sad feelings and also wondered why the poor choices of others have to affect good people that are doing their very best. I became critical of humanity in general. Then, a quote I had on my mirror in high school kept popping into my head:

I hesitated posting this because the last thing I want is to be insensitive to the situation. These people have every right to be angry for the evil that has taken place, but it was a gentle reminder for me. I started instead thinking more about the response to the tragedy and the amount of love, support and prayers sent in the direction of the victims. It's a good place to be when we can remember all the good that is still in the world and most importantly, that God is good!


  1. Tasteful, sensitive, and very well said, Danielle! You are expressing what so many are feeling!

  2. Thanks Grammy! Can't wait to see yoU!



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