Sunday, May 13, 2012

2 Happy Mam's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to K. STOL!
What a gal.
My mom wins. And I could tell you why, but I'd rather show you.
1. She is supportive of our wishes, desires and dreams. In this case, purchasing a horrifying green eye shadow, or in other words, "what I just wanted," for Christmas.

2. She's always kind and is one of the most empathetic people I know. She's even sympathetic to us even when we are wee bit dramatic.

3. She thinks we are the cutest. Mostly because we are.

4. She knows how to laugh and go with the flow even when things aren't picture perfect....

My mom is also so fun, clever, talented, smart, kind, giving, outgoing, CRAFTY, witty, spiritual, nurturing, patient, lovely, understanding, and honest.

This is the front of the card I designed for K. Stol this year.
I put things in there like, "I love you," and listed all the nice things she does for me. I even told her I'd tried to get married one day and give her cute grandkids, which is super nice and selfless of me.

Happy Mum, Mam, Mom's Day! We love you!


  1. dan now i know how you're so good at make started at such a young age! of course green and purple are the basic eye shadow color starters :)



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