Monday, April 09, 2012

2 Spring Break, thus far.

My chickadees have been working so hard and I've been feeling a tad bit guilty. Anytime we can pull a clipboard and do work out in the sun on the grass, I snag that opportunity! My little Sound of Music class. I wish we had matching outfits made out of curtains.

Friday we made butterflies.
I haven't talked a whole lot about my class this year because it turns out this bunch of kiddos has been quite the handful, but we have had some fun times and I love moments where every kid is just BEING A KID and is happy and content and painting coffee filter butterflies.

Now it's spring break! Praise all that is good, I'm so happy.
I had time to go through my closet and find all my shirts that still have tags on them.....
In doing this, I also cleared out quite a few things in my closet and made a rule for myself: "No buying anything for a long time, Dano."
It's a pretty vague rule, so we'll see if I figure out a way to rationalize it.
Started my newest book. Welcome to my world :)
It's honestly amazing though. Great for any K-6 teacher or parent of girls!
Spencer's Easter basket.
With my face.
Made some more bunny bark. Mostly because my brother-in-law was a witttttle grumpy one night so I ran to the store to get stuff to make him a treat. Then he was happy. Just like a baby. Quick fix. Bunny bark can do that to you.
Had Easter din din with the siblings. It was very delicious except I kind of don't remember eating because I was laughing hysterically the whole time. Stomach hurting, crying, laughing. Why are they the best??!
And of course, I've been pulling the Katniss braid. She is so cool. Go district 12.

In normal Dan Dan fashion, I have a to-do list..... for my spring break.
Don't freak out, mom.
The list includes painting, cooking, sewing and hours at the gym.

SB 2012 baby! Too wild.


  1. Are those pictures of you are some model? Pretty pictures of a pretty girl, whoever it is! Also, the salad and the treats look yummy!

  2. hahah the Katniss braid hahah Love it. & love the bunny bark deal. Weston did too, obviously, it made him very happy! :) hahah Love you.



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