Tuesday, February 21, 2012

4 Things for Your Head

Back in November I was having issues meeting with my guided reading groups and having the kids who were working on other centers interrupt, tattle, ask questions, etc....
So, I started wearing antlers.
Rule is: If I have the antlers on, you are not allowed to come talk to me unless your eyeball fell out.

I take them off for about 1 minute between each reading group, and what do you know? Usually by that time they've already been able to solve their own problem.
Funny how that works!

My kids get excited to see what each month's antlers will look like.
My most favorite of them all:
I can't wait to rock those bad boys.

My kids even told my roommate, Miss Camp, who subbed for them a while back, that she was supposed to wear the antlers during guided reading time. Taking care of business while I'm gone. Kuddos to the chickadees.

On Valentine's Day I wore my heart antena all day for fun and my kids asked me if they were allowed to come talk to me at all. My biggest regret in life, to date, is not taking advantage of that golden opportunity.

Speaking of awesome things to wear on your head, I saw this on Pinterest and DIED. I have been collecting zoo animals for the last couple of months because I wanted to do something with them but hadn't figured out anything yet (a little backwards thinking for you-- enter my brain).
Saw this:
Meant to be and problem solved! Party hats for everyone! I am SO SO happy.

It's the little things guys. The little things like seeing a group of animals, all from different biomes, just hanging out together wearing party hats.


  1. For Fun (as Utahn's are prone to say). Really, very cute post and I could totally visualize the whole thing and it made me laugh! Love you so much!

  2. Amazing. Although i think the tendency to wear antlers has been w you far longer than when this trend started for your class. Remember soph year Christmas pic? Someone was wearing antlers. Amd cant forget the cheetah cat ears you used to proudly wear :)

  3. hahhaha party animals! Want to bring those animals with you to Weston's birthday party? :)



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