Friday, December 23, 2011

1 JB & Franklin

I've been waiting to watch this music video until I made it home to Tennessee because it's filmed in MY city, downtown Franklin and I didn't want to get prematurely homesick.

Love this little town in the winter. It's so dreamy. Even though that is totally fake snow....... Sorry to disappoint.
The video really made me laugh. The girl. The blonde/brunette drama. The present magically appearing on the bed.
Oh gotta love the Biebs.
He's my most favorite 5 year old of all time.

And speaking of Justin and Franklin, found this little gem in my Grandmother's house today. The Bieber Fever is a generational thing.

So happy to be back in Franklin even if JB is not making an appearance.
Although I would not be mad if he did.
I guess if I really wanted to see him, I could go under the mistletoe since that's where he'll be. He made that pretty clear in his song.

1 comment:

  1. hahahah love it. Merry Christmas! JB is good enough, he fills all gaps in the generational chain of life...Oh Grandmother....



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