Monday, October 31, 2011

2 Halloween Prep.

I love celebrations! Halloween is no exception. Since the middle of September, I started collecting things to give my kids for Halloween. I realized about half way through October, there's no need to break the bank buying things for 30 kids. Kids are simple. They like little trinkets. The dollar section at Target is my favorite spot for buying the chickadees toys, prizes, etc. This year, their Halloween stuff was darling.
Pencils, stickers, erasers, mini notebooks.
Goodie bags & ghosts.
Also made some mummy cuppycakes for my friends & siblings. Mmmm mummmmy.
Celebrating holidays with a classroom of kids hyped on sugar intensifies any sort of party.

I am dressed as a lamb (props to my awesome sister). Can't ever go wrong with that. Especially a lamb that gives you a thumbs up. TALENTED!
Throughout the day I told them to "put away your booooooks." (insert lamb sound)
Or "line up at the dooooor"
I'm pretty sure they think I'm the world's biggest freak after I managed to incorporate sheep noises into everything we did.


  1. And what a cute little, darling lammy you make, Danielle! Hope you had a good day with your loves in 4th grade!

  2. hahahhah "talented" Love all your Halloween things. & I'm glad you survived the day. I explained to Weston what holidays do to a 4th grad teacher. aka destroy you. Love you!



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