Monday, October 03, 2011

0 General Conference

The Stolsons went to General Conference together because we love each other so very much.
So much that sometimes Danielle gets squeezed out of the pic......
It was such a pretty day.
We really got in to the Titanic story. Dan's very trusting because I almost dropped him over the balcony.

Rachel brought extra food for the boys because even though we had a huge breakfast, she knows they get a wittle grumpy if they don't eat. Here is Spencer eating with a very awkward hand.
Here's Spencer displaying an egg and Rachel's Marilyn Monroe skirt that gave us plenty of difficulties.
Sam & Elyse. Engaged.
Grayson kids.
Stolworthy kids. Spencer & Danielle are not married to each other, Rachel & Wes are (to clarify).
Dan miiight have worn his high top nikes for blister purposes.......
Spencer's butt.
Conference was wonderful! To learn more about what I believe, click here.

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