Wednesday, October 05, 2011

1 Fall

The weather is getting a tid bit nippy.
I have been dreading the "fall" since about May. Not that I don't love fall, because I LOVE fall. I love fall clothes, I love when the leaves change, I just was nervous about this part of the school year.

Last November was possibly the worst month of my entire one score and three years life. It was like, really really really not good. Things in my personal life were falling apart and my kids were so naughty. Halloween and Thanksgiving made them go crazy town on me. I had to think of so many things to keep them good. HAH!

I was tired and stressed and on the verge of tears all. the. time.

BUT this year, everyday after my kids leave, I take a breath. They were good AGAIN. Not that they're perfect by any means, but I think now that I've seen a full year, I understand a little more of what's coming. I've been bracing myself for the worst and here we are in October (how did that happen?!) and they're still behaving themselves. Smiley face.

We're just going to celebrate good times people and hope we keep heading this way!

Plus, I'm not too mad about all the cute clothes Fall 2011 has to offer, either.

So here's to apple cider, pumpkin patches, sweet children & really really really cute boots.

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  1. Some times you post these pictures of cute clothes and i just want you to tell me where these pictures are from so i can go buy them!



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