Monday, October 24, 2011

4 Fall Color! Sexy time.

Remember this post I wrote in July?
Oh my gosh. I'm so good.
I've totally stuck to it.
Y'all. Seriously.
Today was the first day I wore a lot of black.

I was tired this morning, okay? But in comparison, wearing black (option B) was better than option A (wearing my sweat pants) which sounded super awesome when my alarm clock went off at 5:30am.
***DISCLAIMER: My brother quickly put me in place when after school he made some gothic/funeral combo remarks.
You don't know me.
You don't know my life.

Now, let's be honest, teachers aren't exactly known for their style. But I refuse to succumb to frump! (Until February when I want to just jump off a bridge because I'm so over the snow.)

My latest fall color combos:
A little cheetah never hurt anyone. Especially if you're a cheetah girl.
Scarfs on everything. I might even over-scarf it up sometimes.....
It's my strong, strong belief that every girl needs a faded denim button up. But it's totally whatever.
Now here's a classic teacher look for you! All about those cardigans.
Bows = my WEAKNESS.
One of my students said to me, "Oh Miss Stolworthy! I just love your gingham shirt!"
Bless you child, for knowing what gingham is.

You might have noticed that my body is not in these outfits modeling them. And if you saw my hair right now, you'd be just fine with that.

You might also notice that the coloring in these pictures is quite awful. In that case, I believe you are rather observant, so congrats.



  1. i am your chiang mai stalker. just found this, and i love it.

    i figured since my offense is all blarin' out there at the bottom, might as well come clean from the get-go. you are too cute. and then i checked your recipe blog, and i want to die because it was like food porn and i can't get ANY of it over here!

    probably too effusive from a new lurker, but there you have it.

  2. AHHH! I LOVE it. Well I'm WAY jealous of you because I've been obsessed with Thailand for the last 3 days.
    Sure, it's only been the last three days, but it's been a big, big obsession.

    Envy swap.

  3. Ah the infamous J Crew shirt. Glad to see you got it back :) I think you just need to come visit me in February, don't jump off a bridge.

  4. So... This is Sara Beth's sister. I know she told you I totally stalked your blog over the summer while I was at work, and you told her I should comment. Well, I finally am.
    I'm in LOVE with all those outfits!! They are seriously so cute. I'll take them all, please. Haha



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