Wednesday, July 27, 2011

4 fashion blog. HA!

I started following Kendi Everyday (a fashion blog) when 3 people in 4 days told me I looked like her. Since then, I've gotten it a couple more times. Clearly I needed to jump on the Kendi bandwagon.
I began to imagine what Dani Everyday (a fashion blog) would look like and I busted a gut.

Now, I am all about staying up on the latest fashions and I have wayyyy more clothes than I need, but let me tell you something about being an elementary school teacher:
You have to be dressy and professional, yet you're never sitting down or behind a desk. It's up, down, on the go, on the carpet, out at recess, guided reading, up at the board. Then, some kid pokes his straw in his capri sun and you've suddenly got fruit punch dripping down the front of you which you can just add to the elmer's glue glopped across your skirt. By the end of the day, your hair is held out of your face by paper clips, binder clips or maybe even one of your students' butterfly clips that you found on the ground. So yes, darling clothes, sometimes they're not happening. I'm forced to wear less color because most of my slacks are black and any cute, colorful skirts I have? Forget it. No way I can sit on the carpet appropriately in those things.
So many excuses, right?

This summer, I have taken full advantage of color. I'm hoping I can continue in the fall so we don't get this for an entire year again:

These have been my summer of 2011 must haves:

(1) lace and white tops (2) colorful accessories (3) billions of belts (4 and 5) shorts (6) staple accessories (7) mascara (8) simple necklaces (9) light weight button ups (10) ladybug lipstick by mac (11) wedges (12) all things the color coral (that's the color I seem to keep buying this summer)

Oh yeah, and a braid in my hair. Smiley face.


  1. I can see it...but I still think you're prettier.

  2. Don't blame you for your wish list. It all looks fun and fabulous like you!

  3. You're a lovely combination of Kate Middleton and Kendi Everyday.

  4. Hey, I love Lash-blast mascara, too. Isn't it the BOMB?! I must be so fashionable...



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