Monday, April 25, 2011

6 Meet Tubby

We were still practicing for the end of the year writing assessment and I was trying to come up with something that the kiddos would feel really passionate about so they didn't feel burnt out.
So I think to myself, what's something my kids are obsessed with?
Oh, getting a class pet!
They ask me all the time. (Understatement.)
"Yeah right," I say, "i'm feeling really good about keeping all 32 of you unharmed and alive!"
Well, dangit. It was the best persuasive writing prompt I could think of. Plus, there's only 5 weeks left of school left, so why not? I say that a lot lately.
Well hot dog, they did it!
They had some really cute reasons, but my favorite....
"Then, it will make the class quiet. The class will be quiet because we don't want his ears to explode."
So, meet Tubbs.
And small coincidence, Tubby is chubby.
They all put their vote on a piece of paper and then we voted on the top names. Names in the running:
Silly Bret
and of course, Tubby
When they came in this morning to see the then anonymous hamster guy, it unfortunately reminded me too well of this clip from Toy Story 3. (Hint: Tubby is the toy(s).)
I ended up calling the kiddos by table groups and they were allowed to give him one pointer finger pet and sit down. Tubby seemed a little over stimulated and nervous, and didn't eat or come out of his hut for the rest of the day. So, when the kiddos left, I took him out and hand fed him in hopes that he'll last more than a mere 24 hours.

This is his exotic cage. Don't you want to go here on vacation!? Sorry he's a little blurry, Tubby's always on the go! Mostly just because he's running away from overzealous 9 year olds.
Oh, and here we have Tubby burrowing. Another very common response Tubbs has to children.
The kids keep thinking he's playing tag or hide and go seek. I don't have the heart to tell them Tubby hates them. With all his heart. But no matter what, we love our Tubby boy!


  1. i love him!
    youre officially the best teacher everrrrr

  2. YOU! You beat me to it. I was totally gonna get a class pet and then somehow get rid of it at summer time. We wrote this persuasive paper a couple months ago and I am a rotten teacher and didn't buy one yet.

    You are the best.

  3. hahahah i love all of this. so who gets to watch tubbs over summer????

  4. I had a gerbil named tubby when I was 7. My sister left an electric cord too close to his cage and he chewed through it. I came home from school and he had been electrocuted hahah.

  5. So nice to have officially met Tubby aka Phillip. We liked the Phillip name suggested but I guess Tubby won out. It sounds more like a 4th graders name for their pet and I think it is cute. Fun little entry, Danielle, and soooo very happy to get a chance to see you and LOVED watching you in action in your classroom! Great job you are doing there and thrilled for you in your graduation this year, too!



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