Friday, April 29, 2011

4 freakin out

It's all about Tubby now. He has stolen our hearts. I must say, in the last week, he's become much more docile. He knows he's defeated and it's a little pathetic to be honest.

Our spelling test today went something like this:
"Number 1, is tasteless. Tubby's food is quite tasteless. Tasteless.
Two is illness. We keep Tubby's cage clean so he does not contract some sort of fatal illness and die. Illness.
Three is breathless. Tubby's cuteness often leaves me breathless. Breathless.
Four is hopefully. Hopefully Tubby survives this school year. Hopefully.
Five is aimless. Tubby walks aimless(ly) in his purple wood chips. Aimless.
Six is misnumber.... uhhhh.... Do not misnumber the "b's" in Tubby's name."

....And so on.

We had a really good day today. So much laughter, but it got me thinking how my life will dramatically change in 4 weeks. This blog will instantly turn into a craft blog. I'm so happy about the loads of projects I'm doing this summer (and about my JoAnn's 20% discount I get for being a teacher... wassup).
I can't imagine what it will be like when I don't hear my name being said every second of the day. I can't imagine not being asked if I've emailed their mom (yes) and if I've asked the secretary when field day is (no). I can't imagine what it will feel like to not have everyone's eyes and ears on me, hands free and bodies still before I ever will start talking. I can't imagine not having yet another freshly removed molar shoved in my face.... which is disgusting. Why do they do that? I am so needed right now. If I'm not there, things absolutely fall apart (maybe it's because we have subs that ask the kids to call them Mr. Rockstar? I don't know.) Will my self esteem completely plummet this summer when I suddenly discover I am not a necessity whatsoever outside of school and 19 girls a day don't tell me how much they're in love with my outfit? We shall see.


  1. Oh My Goodness, Danielle! You outdid yourself again! I laughed so hard at your spelling test! HILARIOUS!!! You are so cute! PLEASE come visit this summer, K? Love you!!!

  2. How exciting, you're almost done with your first year of teaching! Congrats Dani!!!

    So excited for your upcoming projects!

  3. Such a fun post! I'm excited for you to get a chance to have a breather this summer and yes, come see us if you can swing it! We always love to see your pretty face. I got your sweet note and thanks plus the funds you sent, too. Wish I could have personally funded the treats but with so many graduation gifts going out... I hope you understand. Love you!

  4. ...what?! teachers get 20% off at JoAnn's?!?! What do you have to do? I just dropped 70 bucks there last night. dangit!



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