Sunday, February 13, 2011

6 valentine

It was Friday. It was a good day. I'm thinking about my Valentines because I have a lot this year. I'm also thinking about how happy I am that I won't have any subs for a long time, when I get a picture text from Reb saying that this gem was on our doorstep and I needed to get home:
"Don't open it," I text back, "it might be a bomb." Now let's be honest, I'm adorable, no one would send me a bomb. I just thought it sounded cool to notify my apartment of the code red lockdown.
Well apparently no one was too nervous about it because I get home to find that no one's even evacuated our house. Rebbie and Michelle were even upstairs practicing the flute and piano. I guess some people just try to stay calm and resort to music in this sort of crisis.
So, I open the envelope.

I'm no Twilight expert, but isn't that a ton????

Either way, much better than a bomb.

I know just who it was.
Happy almost V-Day!


  1. The bomb scare tangent is the funniest thing! Hilarious! Glad somebody ELSE loves you! We love you too!

  2. ME TOO, DANIELLE! LOVE YOU TONS! Cute card and cute post, too! You are not without a million fans either!

  3. Did you intentionally make this as vague as possible? you know that we all want to know who sent it to you... you owe us that much. this is irresponsible journaling.

  4. I'm with Spencer...spill the beans, Missy!

  5. bahahaha Hilarious. I love it! I am also with Spencer who sent it?

  6. Whoever sent it must be the coolest cat around. And you probably don't even bother texting him back anymore because you think you're the coolest cat around now



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