Thursday, February 17, 2011

2 my job.

I'm updating my resume. Most impossible thing ever. How do you add a year of teaching to the bottom of "BYU grad" and "5 years nanny experience" when they pale in comparison? Where do I even begin in writing my skills?

Within the first 10 minutes of class every day, I've already completed over 50 little tasks and assisted at least 20 of my kids with something and it doesn't ever slow down.

I read this book in 2 days. I laughed, I cried. My roommates know. They kept walking in on me reading it and were so confused. Great book.
I loved the introduction where he writes about his job.

"I take slivers out of fingers and bad sports out of 'steal the bacon.' I know when a child has gum in his mouth even when he is not chewing. I hand over scissors with the handles up. My copies of The Velveteen Rabbit and Treasure Island are falling apart. I can listen to one child talk about his birthday party and another talk about her sleepover and another talk about getting his stomach pumped last night-- all at the same time.
I fix staplers that won't staple and zippers that won't zip. I poke pins in the orange cap of glue bottles that will not pour. I plan lessons while showering, driving, eating, and sleeping. I put on Band-Aids and winter coats and school plays. I know they will not understand the difference between your and you're. I say "cover your mouth," after they have coughed on me.
I am a teacher.
I spend Thanksgiving vacation writing report cards, Christmas vacation cleaning my classroom, and summer vacation taking classes on how to relax. I turn jump ropes and am base in tag.
I am glad you can only get chicken pox once.
I correct pencil grips and spelling mistakes and bad manners. I push in chairs all the way, push swings higher, and push sleeves up while children are painting.
I'm allowed to touch the paper cutter.
I say, "Use two hands!" when they carry their lunch trays. I say, "Accidents happen," after they did not use two hands. I answer to both "Mom" and "Dad."
I am a teacher.
I hope April Fool's Day is on Saturday. I leave "shuger" and "vilets" mispelled on their valentines. I know all my continents and all my oceans. I tape pages back into books. I call on children whose hands are not raised.
I collect milk boxes and coffee cans and egg cartons. I know all my times tables. I can type without looking. I know that two pretzels do not equal one Hershey kiss.
I fix watchbands, repair eyeglasses, and search for lost milk money after freeze tag. I know when their fists will make a rock and when they will make scissors.
I know when a child does not understand. I know when a child is not telling the truth. I know when a child was up too late last night. I know when a child needs help finding a friend.
I am a teacher."

I'm thinking I'll just copy & paste that in my resume. That's a good little start.


  1. i loved this!
    im not a teacher, but one of my jobs is at a middle school doing one on one work with a student.
    however, i go classroom to classroom with her and it is so interesting to be back in the class as an adult.
    teachers really do EVERYTHING.
    even as an aide i can see the difference that teachers & even aides play in the lives of kids.
    i think teaching is one of the most difficult careers because you don't leave your work at the door.
    those kids are always on the teacher's minds.. and it shows!

    keep up the good {HARD!!!!} work dani!

  2. I really like the previous comment, especially how the kids are on the teacher's minds. True, any caring teacher will still be thinking after the day is done, "how can I bring success into the life of that child?" I know that it is a hard job but it also has to be one of the most rewarding jobs. As a Primary teacher, I feel really good about what I am doing and I do this only one day a week. The emotional rewards have to be far greater for having taught so many more kids and enriched their lives and for so many more days of the week! Teaching has always been my love, too. Danielle you are doing what I would have liked to have done. Enjoyed the book excerpt a lot!



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