Tuesday, November 09, 2010

6 kids say the &)*^% things.

It's a really good thing I like myself because my self-esteem takes a daily beating.
Two of the latest...

My kids saw a recent picture of me with a backpack on (still a Coug).
Student: "Miss Stolworthy, I like that picture of you a lot.'
Me: "Thanks sweetheart."
Student: "Is that when you went to BYU?"
Me: "Yes"
Student: "Oh, you were prettier then."



(mis hermanos.)
Roo & Spence came to visit my classroom and my kids were on the carpet asking me questions when this happened...
Student 1: "What's your favorite holiday?"
Me: "Oh that's hard, I love all holidays, but I think my favorite is Christmas."
Student 2: "What's your least favorite holiday?"
Student 3: "Probably for her it's Valentine's Day."

Well, I'm just glad my kids are making connections. I always encourage critical thinking.

But really, that's enough. I'll save more for later. I don't usually like to reflect for too long on this sort of thing.


  1. hahahahha I love this "you were prettier then" ahhahaahhahahah those kids are so funny

  2. Kids really do say the darndest things! Thanks for giving me another snicker today and this one is not calorie laden!

  3. ha! well thanks for giving me a laugh!

    and i'm guessing the picture wasn't from freshman year when you used to dress like you were hiding from the paparazzi at all times on campus.... hahahahah

  4. hahha oh my goodness. this reminds me of the time i was teaching piano to an 8 year old and she said "willi, are you married" I said "no". She replied with, "then why do you have a baby in your tummy?"

    hit the gym up hard after that one! haha :)

  5. hahaha this is funny - I bet you're that hot teacher all the kids have crushes on :)



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