Sunday, October 31, 2010

3 trick or treat smell my feet

Party Numero Uno:
Class PARTY. My cute cute kids.
This is us on about a billion grams of sugar. Yeah... time for a little recess break.
Party Numero Dos:
Best Buddies Halloween Bash.
The growling contest gets me every time.
I love my nancy pants.
Party Numero Tres:
Alpine Village, but just because we're Provo All-stars.

Party Numero Cuatro:
Cheetah Mansion Anti Party After Party
The best one of them all. We can really round up a crowd. Danced Danced til 3am (Cheetahs really love to dance).
Apparently cuatro parties was uno too many and now i'm sick, eww.
So unfortunately tonight, I'm at home on the lovesac watching Titanic and blogging when I'd much much rather be shaking my bon bon with my friends. I played mom though and took Detective Leslie Holmes and three little roommate witchies pictures. They all looked just darling.
But it's whatevvvs.

P.S. Titanic is SO depressing.


  1. That was highly entertaining, Danielle, I felt a part of each one of your terrific parties! No party for me, just handing out treats at church today to my kids and my home and v.teachers. Last night I watched "Batman Begins" on TV and had popcorn and a soda. I like Christian Bale a lot but this movie was not what I would call upbeat. That was my big party. Call yourself lucky!

  2. I LOVE the last picture...not that you're sad, just the totally undone you! Such a rare moment-especially on the! Sorry you're feeling yucko! I hope you are much better soon! So great to talk to you tonight, love!!

  3. K i love the pictures of your class! That would be so much fun. Titanic is probably one of the best/worst movies to watch when you're sick and home alone haha super depressing



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