Wednesday, November 03, 2010

7 Happy BIRFDAY Alli Waggggs!

(This is last year's post, but you understand, right Al?)

Today I get to celebrate the birth of my wonderfully, awesome, amazingly sweet & talented friend,
Al Pal
Al & I are such a team, we don't just have nicknames for each other, we have nicknames for our partnership.... ummm, yeah. My two faves: Danison (we like to get creative) & Puzzle, because we fit very well together when we hug or spoon.
Thanks SPW & Ray Hey for lending me your daughter!
This will be the third birthday i've celebrated for my alli wags! (Note the increasing sassiness with each picture, that cheetah.)

Here are just a few of my faves on Al Pal:
10. Al's down to get down. Oh you know, a little booty shake here a little drop it like it's hot there. She works the parties.
9. Domestic Al Pal. Her name. She loves loves to bake! I'm sure Sammy appreciates this.
She also keeps things clean. I love this about Al & appreciated it so much that she wanted to keep things orderly for herself and others around her.
8. Al is super organized. She's always on top of things & so responsible. Every party & event we've ever put on, she makes sure every detail is taken care of & that everyone is happy and having a good time. This picture is of her trying to figure out my 20th birthday... (Cheesecake Factory & Macaroni Grill decided to host the entire country of America that night. So we went to the mall food court. Gotta love birthdays)
7. Allison's wild. She's so spontaneous & so much fun to be around. The memories are honestly endless. Plus, we both love to reminisce together. We'll sit for hours doing the "remember when" thing and laughing so hard.
6. She is so so good to her friends. She's sensitive to our needs & is always there to let someone vent. She reminds us to stay calm and look at the picture when she gives advice. She also loves other people. She is so warm & friendly and people are just naturally drawn to her!
5. Allison is so talented! Two summers ago she taught at a deaf school in Ghana. Isn't that amazing? She also plays the piano & is super smart. 4. Allison says "in your face Fergie, Big Girls DO cry!" Yes. Al's a crier. I have learned how to handle this. It has become very natural for me to go embrace her during the sobs. (Puzzle.) Prime example: Freshman year in the dorms. Allison comes in with her blankey, tears falling sweetly.
Dani just stares at her until she speaks.
Alli: "I... just.... can't.... (sob sob sniff)... use... the... community bathrooms... anymore."
Of course I'm normally sensitive to very serious situations like these, but this particular time I said, "Allison, leave my room. When you can shape up, you're welcome back." She laughed hard. It was over.
This is her crying when she came in to tell me she couldn't get off work for an APEX party freshman year. Don't judge her, she's my friend. Well, I can't talk too much smack. She turned me into a crier in three short years. I'll never measure up to her, but it happened. (Puzzle.)
3. Oh my gosh. Have you heard that giggle? It's the cutest thing ever. She won "Best Laugh" freshman year. Whats up.
2. Allison is such a cheerleader. She gets genuinely happy for others. If anything good happens to me, I can hear her saying, "Yeah DAN! GET IT!"
1. Allison is so loyal. In their wedding video Sam said one of the things he loves most about her is that he never hears her speak poorly of others. I shouted out a little "amen" because I couldn't agree more. She is true to those she loves which is such a wonderful quality.
Al, Thanks for being the best friend & such an amazing person.
Love you sweetheart! Have the best birthday ever!
(Alli, when I was searching for photos, i found this little treasure from freshman year. This was the night of "sweet Caroline" yeah, you know what i'm talking about.) For the rest of you, this is where the magic begins. Minus Spencer on the left. And let's just say, the police almost checked Sammy's alcohol level that night.


  1. great birthday post!

    Yeah AL PAL! Happppy birthday you sexy thing you!!

  2. I LOVE YOU!!!! thanks for the wonderful post. a few comments...

    1. I would cry again about the bathrooms, but i cried for not making it to an apex party!??!?!? BAHAHAHHA ohhh my.

    2. just this last week sam said "you like to reminisce a lot don't you" he doesn't.

    3. i love that you found that freshman year pic. what a hilarious night. and who knew that boy next to me was going to be my husband!!!!!!!!

    4. you are amazing

    5. (in relation to your post below) a girl i work with just found a babysitter for while shes at work...$2/hr. the lady watches a few kids. i would never do it for that pay. WACKO

  3. Danielle...once again-GREAT TRIBUTE to your dear, dear friend Allison. She really is a doll and you are both so lucky to have this wonderful friendship!

  4. great birthday post!! love the stories--crying over an APEX party is my personal favorite

  5. Dani - You're AMAZING! SPW and Ray Hey are soooo grateful for team "Danison". Thanks for the fun post of our Alli on her special day and for being such a wonderful friend.
    (I'm assuming SPW = stake president's wife?)

    Diane :-)

  6. hahah yes, i completely understand, and it was so fun to read again! i am still a little embarrassed about the APEX crying....

    Thanks for being an amazing friend dani wani! I loooove you!!!!!! Let's partay sometime!!! Or maybe just paint nails and chat...i like that too :)



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