Wednesday, August 04, 2010

4 wedding bells

(I'm about to picture explode.)

Another bestie got married & I was able to go!
Look how happy they are.
My favorite Maeggy.
I couldn't handle the cuteness of the nieces & nephews at this wedding.
happy day

Wedding party.
Bridesmaids' bouquets.
I died. Her wedding was beautiful.

Stop & check it out. Don't worry, it had pockets too.


Caught the bouquet. Oop....
See you later,
Mr. & Mrs. Christensen.

love you two.


  1. So cute! Thanks for posting pictures. You look AMAZING yourself.

  2. WOW, what an INCREDIBLE wedding. It is beautiful, she is beautiful & YOU are beautiful. I loved the pictures, thanks for putting them up! I've been dyyyyyyying.

  3. Danielle, this was just fabulous! I love these wedding posts especially. There is just something about young love that is, well...sweet and wonderful! Everyone looked beautiful, especially you! This one was quite different with the skirts and blouses, very practical idea and still beautiful! Best Wishes to the happy couple!

  4. Oh my gosh. Gorgeous. All of you! Seriously...



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