Friday, August 06, 2010

4 arizona

So, I did alriiiight at taking AZ pictures after Nat Camp got in town. Before that however, I failed in my duties as Apartment Historian.
But, Arizona was fun. I guess I should do a little write up...
I went there for Sar & Dillon's wedding and was able to stay for almost 2 weeks. I just partied. Every night was busy & it was good to get away from Provolone for a little. Towards the end of my trip I began to gain back some of the social skills I have lost in the last year from being a workaholic.

Homemade drive-in-movie by Brady Boo himself.... with his trendy laptop.
Before & After of our tans. Except we didn't take an after. And he would've won anyways.
We did the rain thing a few times.

Sarri's wedding was just lovely.
Luncheon with a few Cheetahs.
I always imagined camo to be so much more flattering on me.
Lunch dates. A lot of them.
And some quadding/motorcycling/giant beetle throwing.
(More of these pics to come. I like to be a picture tease.)


  1. You mean there is such a thing as rain in Arizona?!! and even a few times? I learned something new today. The photo of you in camouflage was just funny as all get out and the caption was doubly funny, Danielle! Sure enjoy all your fun photos you post! Thanks!

  2. It looks like soo much fun! & Sara was such a beautiful bride!

  3. Well, it's about time...I'd be a very rich woman if I had a dime for everytime I check your blog for a new post! haha! This was so fun to see and I lol'd at your camo thing too! Also, I love what Brady did! So cool!

  4. wait why isn't the camo pic your new profile pic?????



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