Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5 Maego Butt's back!

So I know this totally hot sister missionary and she's coming home today. What? I remember when she told us she really was going on a mission and Al and I bawled our eyes out. (Yes, we are super supportive friends.)
On the way into the MTC. A year and a half can really fly by...

I have kept up with a blog for her while she's been on her mish with all her letters & pictures. You can check it out here. Oh, and she's a diva if you didn't already know.
She served at Temple Square. Best place ever for our beautiful, warm & friendly Maeggy.
I only ran into her once on the mish. Heaven knows I tried a million more times. Whoops!
I am so so proud of Maeg. She has put all of her energy into her mission and we all know that is a ton of energy. I have loved her sassy and sweet letters every week and seeing her testimony grow.
Leaving for Arizona tomorrow to go see my favorite RM! Plus, my tan is fading. And no, this is not me making excuses to leave Utard. Peace out (again).


  1. I thought "hot sister missionary" was an oxymoron. Not anymore. Yowza!


  2. WHOOOO-HOOOOO. see ya in az baby!

    and who the heck is mormon bachelor pad????

  3. hahahahahaha to all of the above.

  4. Everyone should have a friend like you, Danielle! Seriously! I've enjoyed reading some about Maegan's mission a lot. Tell her welcome home from Grandmother!



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