Tuesday, May 04, 2010

7 i refuse.

For whatever reason, I had the unfortunate opportunity to encounter waaaayyy too many mom jeans today.
Every single time the same words popped into my head,
"I refuse."
People are judging me right now, I can feel it.
"But Danielle, you don't know what it feels like to have smashed carrots under your finger nails all day, rice cereal in your hair, spit up down your shirt and to permanently smell like a diaper!"
Actually, on a small scale, I do. And I refuse.
There is no excuse. Did you know that mom jeans make your hips look wider? You are doing yourself no favors in trying to conceal your larger hips or attempting to become more comfortable by wearing these.
I refuse.


  1. Alright, already! I'll get some new ones! hahaha!

  2. I will never give in to mom jeans. I agree, they do nothing for your figure. So unless the message you want to convey is "I am highly unattractive, don't look at me", they are not telling people what you think they are.

  3. Just cause you're a mom doesn't mean ya gotta wear mom jeans!

  4. hahaha... I love the picture! And I totally agree...

  5. Shoot...I need to make a trip to the store, I have some returning to do...

  6. I do know what those things feel like and I totally agree with you. If anything when you look in the mirror wearing those you will feel less attractive and develop a complex. Wear flattering clothes and feel better about yourself. if you look awful in it for pete's sake dont buy it!

  7. I scrolled down and that picture scared me! What in the heck are Mom Jeans? Probably the ones I am wearing right now, hummmm...



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