Sunday, May 09, 2010

9 double whammy.

Let's start with Momma K, shall we?
Mom, you are a good mom because you gave us the best childhood EVERRR! It rocked guys. We had so many toys and were always doing fun things and mom was so nice to us and always had arts & crafts for us to do and she dressed us cute. So grand.
You are a good mom because you still pack our lunches, write our name on the bag & decorate our napkins with notes. You are a good mom because you're straight up. You tell us when we're being naughty or annoying, but you also tell us you love us about a million times a day.You are a good mom because you love birthday parties and any party as much as I do. You color coordinate our presents and you like things to always look pretty and presentable. Maybe that's why I'm so OCD.
You're a good mom because you do so much service and you like those around you to be happy. For example, last week we went to the movies and I was starving. I had come straight from being at school all day. My mom asked me if I wanted food because I looked like I was going to fall over and I told her I'd just eat popcorn. As we were walking, Rachel spilled half the popcorn on the floor and my mom said, "Idiot! Your sister's hungry!" We are still laughing so hard about that. Thanks for looking out for me mom.
This has nothing to do with anything, I just think it's hilarious. My brother calls it Snowman Smackdown.
You're a good mom because family comes first. You're a good mom because you have lots of friends and everyone likes you.
You're a good mom because almost anyone who knows you thinks you're the funniest person ever. You're a good mom because you're good at telling stories that make everyone laugh hysterically. I find myself saying, "Yo! Calm down Kari!" quite often, which I like.
You're a good mom because you have taught us the gospel and have high expectations for your kids and yourself.
You're such a good mom, I went out & got this tatt last night. Love you.
Now it's time for a birthday Top 10! Yeah baby!
Today is Marky Mark's birthday! We love our dad.
10. My dad is so service oriented. He's always willing to lend a helping hand.
9. He's my good friend. I can talk to my dad about anything and he listens. And he's the best person to go to with boy advice!
8. He's a hardcore farm boy and the most hardworking person I know. My mom has this code she uses for him: "Get off the roof." It stands for, "stop working and come have fun." The problem is, working is fun to my dad. Over Christmas I came home and there was a yellow rope tied to my bed post and going out my window. Apparently my dad didn't trust the satellite guys to put up the satellite right and decided to take it on himself. Yeah right. He just wanted to do it. P.S. That little entrance in the picture is his "man cave." Dream. Come. True.
7. He likes building things and fixing things & is always thinking of ways to make something more extravagant. Recent conversation I overheard:
Spencer: "I want to make a clock that covers an entire wall of my bedroom."
Dad: "Oh yeah! And you could get a 3 horsepower motor for it..."
Mom: "Help. Help."
6. He spoils us. My friends in high school use to joke about how if I asked for something, my dad would get it for me. He would never admit to that though... He calls Rachel & I the "Princesses" and he makes our brothers do stuff for us. hahah. It's wonderful.
5. He wants his kids to be tough. There are no wimpy Stolworthy children, that's for sure. He doesn't put up with whining or complaining. I can still hear him telling us a job was only half-done and we needed to do it right over and over again. I hated that. Now I love it.
4. He's super laid back and easy to be around. Whenever I did some naughty things growing up, he always talked to me so calmly. I can't ever remember him yelling at us to get a point across.
3. My dad values education. He wants his children to be successful in whatever area they choose.
2. He's the manliest man I know. My mom says she usually hears the saw in the garage still going in the middle of the night.... One night in particular she woke up at 3am to find his side of the bed was still made. She went out looking for him and he was sleeping on the family room couch with his head light on his head and the light still on. Oh my.
1. My dad is such a good dad and husband. We have a running joke in our family that no guy that Rach and I bring home will ever measure up. He works so hard for his family and is so good to us. We love him!
So, cheers to my two favorite people!
Love you mom & dad! Don't party too hard.


  1. LOVE YOU Danielle...!!! What a sweet thing for you to write all these kind things...and many of them made them laugh!!

  2. LOVE YOU Danielle...!!! What a sweet thing for you to write all these kind things...and many of them made them laugh!!

  3. LOVE YOU Danielle...!!! What a sweet thing for you to write all these kind things...and many of them made them laugh!!

  4. I love reading you and rachel's blogs... you do a "mean" birthday blog!!! :D and Mother and Father celebrations!!

  5. I would like to revise something... I am proud to be a wimp, and would like to make the statement that I am a wimpy Stolworthy child... You can fix your wording when you find appropriate time...

  6. Ok that number 7 on your dad. I read that and sooooo saw a flash of my future. That sounds like something Josh would say, Now he will have a son to egg him on. And I'll be going " help help"

  7. dan, in reading all the wonderful things about your mom i was laughing because with just about every statement i thought "oh! dani's the exact same! got it from her momma!" haha seriously though! like mother like daughter!

    happy celebrations to the stolworthy parents :)

  8. Great fun to read, as always. The last picture of your parents is the best part of the whole thing. Luckily I am not reading this near Scarlett or my laughter would have woken her up.

  9. Happy Mother's Day and Birthday to the old farts! Awesome Post! As always!



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