Sunday, April 11, 2010

See the cute little guy on the man's lap? That's my dad. This is his immediate family... and they weren't even done having kids when this photo was taken... And this would be some (about .0001%) of the offspring plus in laws. We had a cousin din din tonight & it was fun. Keri's turkey was mmmmazing.
Little man's all about potaters.

We laughed the whole night. I'm so lucky to have such a rockin family.

And speaking of little man, we taped this gem when I was feeding him din din last weekend:

Talk about a food coma! He's precious & i'm glad he lets me kiss his sweet potato face.


  1. Oh boy I love this! I wish you had even more pictures! 1. You look amazing, Danielle..sooo good!! 2. Love the Stolworthy clan! Keri is so darling in her turkey pic and Krugh is irresistable! 3. Wish I were there! I want to hear more about it and who that is with Stephanie?!? Also, do you like TJ's fiance'?

  2. Enjoyed the pictures, Danielle! The video of the baby sleeping during his feeding was just sooooo sweet and precious! They have such a darling baby boy! Glad the clan could get together and what a handsome bunch, too!

  3. I'm sad I missed it! Erin's back in town, so we need to do another one soon!



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